Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GymPact - Earn Money by Working Out!

I stumbled across an iPhone app recently that seemed too good to be true - GymPact.

One of the expenses I haven't been willing to cut yet is my gym membership.  It's $27 per month, which seems relatively inexpensive as far as gym fees go, but I haven't made very good use of it in the last several months.  There's no real excuse for my lack of commitment, but as I read about GymPact, I made a promise to myself to either use my membership three times per week or cancel it.  I know that there are many ways to exercise without a gym, but personally I have never succeeded in working out on my own at home.

The basic premise of the program: it's free to join, and you set a weekly commitment of a number of times that you'd like to work out per week (as low as just once!).  You then set a "wager" of what you'll have to pay per missed visit if you don't meet your weekly goal (a minimum of $5).  If you don't meet your weekly goal, your credit card will be charged.

If you do meet your goal, you'll actually earn money!  Not a lot, but something.  Usually $1-3 per week, depending on how many times you commit to working out.  And it's motivation to stick with your workouts, if money is on the line.

How does the app know you're at the gym?
By GPS!  All major gyms and workout facilities count, and you simply check in while you're there for at least thirty minutes.

How is it that you can be paid?
Your monetary reward comes from all the collected fees from members who were charged for missing their weekly workouts - less the percentage that goes to the corporation, of course.

The cool part is that you can cancel or suspend your membership at any time, if you're going on vacation, for instance.

I'm in no way an official endorser of this app, but I've been using it this week and can't wait to see what my weekly earnings will be.  Even just $5 toward my monthly gym membership is better than nothing for something that I should be doing anyway!

Have you had success with GymPact?

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